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Rosa and Cameron like to test each other's knowledge
using study aids like these MATCH 'EM games.

Ready to test your knowledge?

 Just select a topic from the list below.

After seeing themselves in the centuries-old portrait,
Rosa and Cameron have taken an interest in

Art and Artists

Rosa challenges you to match some of her favorite

Authors and Books

Like Rosa, Cameron is a student of history.
Help him study the timeline of the

Battles of the Civil War

While Rosa relaxes to old Rock ’n’ Roll,
Cameron prefers to wind down to

Classical Music

Cameron created this challenge to
test Rosa's knowledge of

Common Compounds

GundTech invented the multiCom
15 years ago. Can you complete this

Innovations Timeline

Can you match some of Cameron's favorite

Inventions and Inventors

Although Latin is a "dead language,"
Cameron is fluent in

Latin Phrases

After becoming friends with Rosa,
Camereon has been trying to learn

Spanish Phrases

Now that they are off to London,
Rosa and Cameron are studying

World Capitals