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Presentations & Workshops

Want to schedule me for a presentation, workshop, panel, or school visit? Contact me at kbshaw [@] cox [dot] net.

Virtual Classroom Visit 
(15 - 45 min.)

Schedule a virtual classroom visit via Facetime or Skype. Available Tuesday through Thursday. I'll also be happy to visit local schools in person :-)

World-building ó Itís in Every Book 
(1 hr or longer presentation or workshop)

World-building isnít just a requirement of science fiction and fantasy. From mystery to romance to memoir, your characters live in a time and place specific to them. The presentation covers the three types of world-building as well as the raw materials and tools of world-building. A must for anyone who writes stories.

So, You’ve Finished Your Book… Now What?
(1 hr presentation)

Writing your book is just the beginning of your work. Agents, and publishers,  and platforms… Oh, my!  So, You’ve Finished Your Book… Now What? is an overview of the myriad tasks and decisions that lie ahead.  Whether you’ve finished your book or are still working on it, this is a discussion you shouldn’t miss.