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The concluding volume of The Gundtech Binary begins two months after the events of From the Shadows. Cameron and Rosa travel to a compound near Oxford, England and join Meagan and Gus to train for their historic mission into the past.

The first drop will be into June of 1901. It’s a simple, and safe, week-long journey from Oxford to London that avoids the warning of danger hidden beneath a portrait from the past. But will outside forces — a ravenous media and a wary government — derail the project?

Into the Light is filled with the same sense of adventure, friendship, family, and mystery as From the Shadows.

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Neworld Papers is a beautifully sculpted work of science fiction that delves into the complexities of human emotion through characters who battle grief, explore romantic ties, and defy global suppression.” — Chanticleer Book Reviews

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The Tales of Edgeriver Wood is a unique collection of works for children, wrapped within a larger story for older readers.

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When two street urchins sneak into Barnum’s American Museum, can they avoid being caught?

It’s a humbug of a tale!  

— Free for Fans of The Twilight Zone

It’s July, 1976—the Bicentennial. Ann Dee lives in the perfect suburban home, complete with white picket fence. Well, almost perfect. The home is infested with pests—ants, roaches, silverfish, and mice.

On her commute home, she meets a traveling salesman who guarantees his product, Riddit, will solve all her problems.

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An original Sherlock Holmes short story. When Dr. Watson finds Holmes locked in his room and in one of his depressions, he must devise a way to pull his friend from the darkness.

— Free for Mature Readers—

We all know that we pass our genes on to our children. But what about designer genes?

— Free for Mark Twain Fans —

The history of Mark Twain's play, Colonel Sellers, is an intriguing story with more plot twists and turns than the play itself. "The Curious Case of Colonel Sellers" documents this tale of literary piracy and personal conflict. It is a saga that leads from the quiet setting of Hartford, Connecticut, to the wharves of San Francisco and from the theaters of New York to the courtrooms of Salt Lake City.

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