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It's been sixteen years since a reclusive child prodigy brought civility back to the digital world with the release of an AI based computer that required a simple "please" and "thank you" to function fully. Now he is about to unleash a new technology that could threaten the world.

Two teens and a female reporter are drawn into an exciting and dangerous adventure. Cameron Rush and Rosa Costas are best friends, even though they have never met in person. Cameron lives in Troy, a small town in Wisconsin, while Rosa lives on a ranch outside Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Cameron's schoolmates call him boring. He's a B student, second-seat trumpet in the school band, fourth-string halfback, and tenth-man on the basketball team. He is unbelievably meek and takes grief for it from others. It is his love of technology, driving curiosity, and friendship with Rosa Costas that make him special.

At 5'-1", Rosa Costas is vivacious and petite. She is as outgoing as Cameron is meek. A friend once described her as "a hundred-pound package wrapped in a ton of personality." Rosa is also deceptively tough. Her mantel full of rodeo trophies attests to this fact. On the weekends and during vacations, she works as a cowgirl on a ranch. She is adept at languages and, like Cameron, enjoys solving puzzles and overcoming challenges.

Meagan Fletcher, technology reporter for the World Broadband Network, has never named her multiCom AI. Because she knows the potential dangers technology can pose, she prefers to use her multiCom in manual mode, bypassing the AI altogether. She doesn't trust it—and she trusts GundTech even less. It is a company that seems too good to be true. Meagan is on a mission to expose the mysterious inventor behind GundTech and discover the computer company's true intent.

As Rosa, Cameron, and Meagan race toward their destiny, they are oblivious to the dangers that lie ahead.

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Cameron and Rosa enjoy old books, radio, television, and movies.

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They also like to be surprised by puzzles, brain teasers, and old curiosities.

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Fallon is a young man with secret talents. He lives in a peaceful world that has no concept of war, or murder, or even love. Without historical records, it is a society seemingly without a past.

Just weeks before he reaches adulthood, Fallon is torn from his sheltered life as a ward of the state. He is drawn into a subversive group that needs his talents and he quickly becomes a chronicler of discoveries that threaten to destroy the very fabric of Neworld.

Cygnus Can Fallon handle the weight of the new responsibilities thrust upon him while he navigates relationships with the feisty redhead Aiden and raven-haired beauty Lenore?

— For Readers 16 and Up —

Neworld Papers is a beautifully sculpted work of science fiction that delves into the complexities of human emotion through characters who battle grief, explore romantic ties, and defy global suppression.”
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